Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I keep thinking I'm going to get better at keeping up with this, but then life (or something) gets in the way.  I spent the night last night with Oren, so Alana could go out with some friends for the New Year.   He's a ball of energy at 1 1/2, and we had lots of fun playing, reading books and watching the ball drop in NYC.  Yes, he was still up at midnight!

Alden started walking! He's 10 months old and is determined to keep up with big brother, Asher, who loves trains and is quite the conversationalist at 2 1/2 and so very smart.  It's really great to have them close by now that they've moved back to the area.  Ryan and Vicki bought a lovely home on some acreage outside San Antonio.  Their view is beautiful.

I also had Rachel's boys over for awhile a couple of days ago.  I had gotten some painting kits- some were magnets to paint, and some were simple paint by numbers.  They sat at the dining room table and painted away, making some very cool magnets and pretty pictures to take home to Mommy, who was, of course, thrilled!  Baby Renna is talking already at 8 months. She says Mama, Dada, Up, Uhoh, and Dog very clearly.  Abram is in Kindergarten and I had him read some for me while he was over here.  All these brilliant kids!  Khalil and Aden are both amazing, too- and all so sweet.

Thanksgiving brought everyone together this year- Kristinn and the kids came in from Virginia, and all the rest of the kids and grandkids live here now.  It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever.  Sofia is much into art, and she is very talented  Gabriel is quite the comedian and very good with the younger kids.  He was a huge help.

Then for Hanukkah, everyone came over (except Kristinn and the kids who were, by then, back in Va.) to light candles, exchange gifts and eat latkes, of course.

And now it's a new year, and I'm feeling such positive change in the air.   May yours be full of love and laughter and all that is good.


Betty said...

Glad to see that you're blogging again. I was reading some of Bill's from 2008 & found myself laughing up a storm. I texted him & he came over, took me out to lunch & said he'd forgotten all about it & would start posting again.

It's great that you get to share so many activities with your grandchildren, a luxury I didn't have so enjoy it.

Kathi said...

I definitely enjoy being with the kids. I wish they were ALL here!

Gigi said...

What fun with all the kids--I am envious!

Guess I will have to add your blog back to my list--I took it off awhile ago when I thought you'd let it lapse. And maybe I will add Bill back in if he continues. I still think we should do a group blog and/or book one day.

Kathi said...

I agree- a group blog or a book would be great fun. We could each do our take on different events of our lives Growing up Rice...

I'm better at keeping up with the creative blog, so maybe I'll just use some of that for this one.